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Heather’s Testimonial

I had been severely allergic to cats my entire life, to the point where I would have to leave parties, or avoid them altogether, if my friends owned a cat.  I would get teary eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, an itchy throat, and a rash on my skin – it was downright unbearable…until I received treatment from

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Bill’s Testimonial

When under your treatment for acupuncture these last couple of months, I remember telling you that my hearing seemed to be improving and I started coming to my appointments without my hearing aids.

I recently had a three month follow-up with a Doctor of Audiology for previous marked hearing loss.  I informed the audiologist that since the last hearing test

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Terry’s testimonial

I was suffering mightily from allergies; and Lucas suggested I undergo a three-week treatment. Two weeks into the treatment my face was rubbed by a kitty (I have been highly allergic to cats all my life) and NOTHING happened. No swelling, no itching, no irritation. After the treatment I can now pet cats without any adverse reactions; and apparently the

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