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Bill’s Testimonial

When under your treatment for acupuncture these last couple of months, I remember telling you that my hearing seemed to be improving and I started coming to my appointments without my hearing aids.

I recently had a three month follow-up with a Doctor of Audiology for previous marked hearing loss.  I informed the audiologist that since the last hearing test I began acupuncture, which she documented in her progress notes to be forwarded to the ENT doctor.

Remarkably, nearly every frequency (Hz) measurement improved 5-10 dB for both ears.    The audiologist seemed to suggest a need to rule out an autoimmune influence when referring to the hearing gains as a reflection of a latency period.

However, instead of latency, the improved hearing might better be attributed to the acupuncture intervention that resulted in a positive measurable outcome.

In the next couple months I’ll be seeing a neurologist and returning to my ENT doctor for followup.  If it isn’t attributed to an autoimmune influence, the only reasonable explanation for the improved hearing is acupuncture.

Bottom line, the good news is that my progressive hearing loss has stabilized and, in fact, improved since my acupuncture began.  Thought you’d like to know, Lucas, that you have a documented healing presence in the practice of acupuncture.